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CRYSIS Ransomware Is Back and Uses RDP Brute Force to Attack U.S. Healthcare Orgs

In other ransomware news, remember the CRYSIS ransomware? The attacks started up again, mostly targeting US healthcare orgs, using brute force attacks via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

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House Passes Email Privacy Act

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill Monday that would update the nation’s email surveillance laws so that federal investigators are required to obtain a warrant in order to gain access to older stored emails.

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Ransomware Spora Spreads via Phony Chrome Font Pack

Palo Alto Networks threat analyst Brad Duncan noted that Spora, a powerful new ransomware strain that is able to encrypt files without communicating to a command-and-control server, is using a social engineering method using fake “Chrome Font Pack” pop-ups.

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Fraud Alert! Fictitious Notification Regarding the Release of Funds Supposedly Under the Control of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Consumers have reported fictitious text messages and telephone calls,

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First-Ever Mac Macro Malware Discovered

Appleinsider reported Feb 9, 2017: "Mac malware discovered in Microsoft Word document with auto-running m...

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U.S. Cyber Command struggles to retain top cybersecurity talent

Top official in Defense Department's cybersecurity unit says organization is doing an ‘effective jo...

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FFIEC Issues Statement on Safeguarding the Cybersecurity of Interbank Messaging and Payment Networks

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) members today advised financial institutio...

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Netflix Resets Passwords Following LinkedIn, Myspace Breaches

Heads up for those who tend to reuse the same password across the Web: If you want to get back into your ...

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Fed Inspector General Plans Information Security Audit

The Federal Reserve’s Office of the Inspector General is planning an audit of the Fed’s infor...

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Dropbox Smeared in Week of Megabreaches

Last week, LifeLock and several other identity theft protection firms erroneously alerted their customers...

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A Trick For Creating Memorable Passwords

With the tips above, it’s pretty easy to come up with a password. Just bash your fingers against yo...

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Tumblr and MySpace passwords hit by “mega breach”

Hundreds of millions of hacked account details from social networks MySpace and Tumblr have been advertis...

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Emails raise more questions of Clinton infosec practices

A batch of recently released documents set off renewed discussions about Hillary Clinton's information se...

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Interesting Facts on Cybersecurity

The prevalence of cyber crime has skyrocketed over the past several years to include cyber espionage, mal...

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What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering is the art of gaining access to buildings, systems or data by exploiting human psychol...

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You're Probably Using One of These Terrible Passwords.

The 25 most popular passwords on the internet include "123456," "password" and "passw0rd." Read on to see...

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